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Introduction: The Fallen is the sole vision and creation of Dominic Darkmatter and Justin Arabello. With a special special thanks to Lolo Upsilon and to the amazing people like Rozz Maven Acacia Bellios, Curse Ixtar, Calliegh Constantine, Ivy Shadowcry, Eli Dailey, Collin Andel, and Shyralei that helped me in their own important way. Thank you.

This sim was created for the purpose of gathering the amazing minds of storytelling and actors to share and interact their creative talents and love for role-play. We ask as Owner and Players that you take a long moment to read over the rules and information. Role-play on a sim is a privilege, not a right. Please respect the rules presented as keeping within the fantasy is important for all those participating within the sim. And keep in mind that rules do change as the sim changes. Be patient with us.

With that said, please again read ALL rules and info before joining our Fallen Main Group, as well as begin your role-play in Charm. Even if you don't read these rules, you will still be held responsible. The integrity and enjoyment of the sim will take priority over YOUR choice to not read, and more importantly follow rules.

Thank you.

Welcome to The Fallen.

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Owner - Dominic Darkmatter

Visus Greymoon
Scarlette Vemo
neverliska Klossovsky
Rozz Maven
Calleigh Constantine
Roary Mystiere
Acacia Bellios

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